Create a Sales/CS Handoff Doc Automatically with AI

How to generate a seamless Sales/CS handoff doc in seconds with AI

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Create a Sales/CS Handoff Doc Automatically with AI

By the time a deal closes your sales team has learned an incredible amount about the customer, their needs, and how you're going to solve them. All that's left to do is pass that knowledge to your customer success team.

Simple, right? Not exactly.

On a recent customer call we were talking with the sales leader of a fast-growing SaaS product for SMBs. They mentioned their biggest issue is the handoff between sales and customer success.

In some cases, it's no problem. The rep had the time to document all their notes from demos and pass it over to their CSM. But in most cases, customer success is handed such poor documentation they have to re-do discovery with the customer.

It happens all the time. Reps are busy closing deals. The handoff can quickly get de-prioritized or rushed.

This is frustrating for customers and puts CSMs in a terrible position.

In this case, it was the leading cause of churn.

So we're completely revolutionizing the sales/CS handoff. Now it takes 3 clicks.

Here's how it works:

1. The Sales team closes a deal with a client.

2. CustomerIQ automatically captures key details from the sales process.

3. You go to the account and click: Sales/CS handoff

4. The document includes customer needs, pain points, and solutions offered during the sales cycle.

5. The Customer Success team can instantly access and review the document.

Then, based on the information, you can...

6. Tailor onboarding and support strategies to meet the client's specific needs.Here's a quick demo of how to use the workflow

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