How we use CustomerIQ to power our GTM

All your customer feedback in one place, synthesized with AI

CustomerIQ is the AI platform to automatically discover and quantify themes across customer feedback channels like calls, surveys, tickets, and transcripts. Align every team, prioritize work with conviction, and build a customer-obsessed culture with one tool.

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the opportunity

Increased revenue, profits, and retention.

"Business, marketing, and IT decision-makers at customer-obsessed organizations estimate a 10% or higher growth in revenue, profits, and customer retention at a rate three times that of their non-customer-obsessed counterparts.“
"The B2B Customer Obsessed GrowthEngine”, Forrester Research, Feb 2023

Step 1

It starts with aggregating customer feedback

CustomerIQ ingests data from your workflow. Then we use AI to extract and categorize every feature request, pain point, preference, and highlight related to your customers.

Native integrations
Aggregate feedback from Slack, Hubspot, Zendesk, Intercom, and more
Zapier and API
Connect over 1,000 applications or any custom source via Zapier and our API
AI highlight extraction
CustomerIQ AI automatically extracts feature requests, pain points, billings issues, and more automatically with AI
Step 3

Align every team, from sales to support to engineering

Everyone wants the same thing: solve customer needs at a fair price with excellent service. With CustomerIQ, you can center your team around your customer. All in one tool.

Create plans, outlines, product documents, and more
Search and discover
Step 4

Shift from reactive to proactive

In the old times, we played a game of telephone between sales, customer success, and product teams to find out what customers were saying. Now anyone can identify and track customer pains, preferences, and requests faster than your colleagues can write a note.

Completely automated
Discover feature requests and pain points hidden in CRM notes and records.
Chat with your data
Get answers to specific questions about what customers have said about any topic.
Step 5

Accelerate development

With customer needs in one place you can scope and spec project requirements 10X faster. Confidently make new bets and provide your solution teams with all the context needed to improve.

Context with every insight
Every insight backed with who said it, when, and in what context.

CustomerIQ vs the other guys

We’re not trying to sell you a new framework and we’re not another GPT wrapper. We're focused on helping teams make sense of customer feedback at any size or scale.

the other guys
AI does the heavy lifting
Organizing feedback is someone's job
Easy to use
Insights in 5 min or less
Buy before you try
Deep analysis
Fit your unique needs
Rigid dashboards
Fit their GPT prompts
Truly actionable insights
Do you need AI to know bugs are bad?
From startup to enterprise
By ChatGPT's context windows
We turn customer feedback into value
Like Thai-Italian fusion

A few reasons you might not love us

You love to buy before you try
Even a used car salesman gives you a test drive
You want to sort feedback manually
We get it, some people love the grind
You're looking for a new roadmap tool
Not saying we won't go there though...
You only work in dark mode
Focused on shipping features at the moment

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