Drive Revenue and Retention with AI

CustomerIQ is a powerful AI platform that seamlessly integrates with your CRM, help desk, and messaging apps to automate sales processes, extract insights, and help you win and retain more customers.

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process automation

Less time, better data

CustomerIQ automates and optimizes sales and CS workflows by providing CRM field entries, insight summaries, emails, and follow-up tasks. It ensures the right actions are taken at the right time by the right people, eliminating manual follow-ups and increasing efficiency.

Data hygiene

Automated (field-level) data entry

CustomerIQ doesn't just summarize calls, it synthesizes field-level highlights to push to your CRM, replacing the need for manual data cleaning and expanding your segmentation capabilities. Highlight views allow you to tag contacts and accounts based on their needs, pain points, requests, and more.

Customer intelligence

Discover customer needs, requests, pain points, and praises in real time

CustomerIQ provides visibility into the pain points, feature requests, issues, trending across all your customer interactions. It identifies new themes as they arise in sales or support conversations, allows teams to track topics, and prioritize work from quantifiable insights.

AI Assistant

Strategize and move accounts forward with the AI Assistant who knows everything about your customer

You've never seen AI content generation like this. CustomerIQ's AI Assistant helps you create content using customer intelligence so it's rooted in fact and customer needs.


security and scale

We keep your data safe and private with built-in security features that stay up-to-date as security protocols evolve. Our data centers are U.S.-based, our third-party AI/ML models are not trained on your data, and we don’t retain ownership of your outputs.

No training
We don’t train on your data, ever
Data encryption in transit and at rest
Use roles
Workspace and role provisioning
Workspaces built to scale to any volume
Use cases

Just a few things you can do with CustomerIQ

From documenting product requirements to planning a content strategy, you're about to supercharge your workflow.

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why customeriq

Not just insights, action.

CustomerIQ is the only AI platform to discover insights & drive revenue with generative AI.

Adaptive, flexible AI models
Built to scale to any volume of data, our AI models adapt to your preferences. Capture feedback from uploads, integrations, and our Chrome extension.
Content generation and delivery
Your workspace AI Assistant uses all your aggregated customer intelligence to help you accelerate content generation and planning.
Enterprise security, scalability and support
CustomerIQ is built with security and scale at its core

From integration to insights in 5 minutes or less

Connect integrations, follow our start guide, and have your team up and running in minutes.