Slack integration

CustomerIQ | Slack integration

CustomerIQ surfaces customer feature requests, pain points, issues, and more from customer feedback in Slack. Seamlessly push notes and feedback created by your team directly to your CustomerIQ workspace where it's analyzed and quantified by revenue for fast prioritization.


Align your team with the customer

Before CustomerIQ, notes and customer feedback shared in Slack got lost in a sea of competing messages. Now product, marketing, and success teams have every feature, pain point, preference, and highlight intelligently organized in one place.

Organize with AI
Automatically organize insights by theme and category.
Spot trends
Understand trends emerging from customer feedback in real-time.
Quantify with revenue
Prioritize insights by revenue with associated deal values in your CRM.

Customer feedback, ideas, and feature requests

Never miss a request, issue, pain point, or highlight. Push messages in Slack to CustomerIQ where our AI organizes and quantifies themes in real-time.

Real-time sync
As new messages are pushed they're synced to your workspace.
AI highlights
AI automatically extracts feature requests, pain points, preferences and other highlights.

Filter by segment, discover themes, search topics

With all your feedback in one place you can split highlights by account or contact segments, discover common themes, detect trends, or answer specific questions.


Quantify with revenue

With your CRM connected we enrich every contact and account record with associated deal values and other fields. This makes it simple to quantify themes identified in Views with revenue from associated records. Put prioritization on auto-pilot and make big bets with confidence.


Connect CustomerIQ to Slack

Connect integrations, follow our start guide, and have your team up and running in minutes.