Updates and improvements to CustomerIQ

March 1, 2024

Free text import and unreads

Free text import and unreads

Free-form text modal

Most product, CX, marketing, and sales teams meet regularly to discuss recent hot-button items that have come up in customer conversations. Customer facing teams are left to sort through their pile of notes across Google docs, Notion, CRM, and other sources.

Now, with our free-form text modal, CSMs and other customer facing teams can quickly drop notes in CustomerIQ and have them organized automatically by contact, account, and topic in any view. All with AI.

How to add notes to your workspace

  1. If you don't already have a CustomerIQ workspace, sign up free here.
  2. Click Add Data: In the global "Add data" action you'll now find a free-form text field. Simply copy/paste your notes here, map to a folder and contact, and submit.

Then CustomerIQ's AI will analyze the notes, extract highlights, and organize them into your highlight views.

Read/unread status on highlights

Now you can easily see which highlights are new and unread vs highlights you have already reviewed.

As new highlights are extracted from submissions and added to views, you'll find an unread indicator on the highlights tab and a count of unread highlights in each view.

Navigate to the view to see exactly which groups contain unread highlights. 

Bulk actions 

You can mark all highlights read/unread by bulk selecting highlights in any table or group and using the bulk action "Mark read."

Tip: To mark all highlights in a view as "read" you can temporarily remove the "Group by" setting to bulk select all highlights.

Fixes and improvements

  • Updated Zendesk integration to include conversation threading
  • Updated navigation to highlights
  • Fixed bug with filtering by account tag
  • Added an onboarding guide to home page
  • Improved layout of highlight modal

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