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December 20, 2023

Gong Integration

Gong Integration

Gong integration

Enterprise product teams are faced with a unique challenge: they serve a specific group of users and buyers. It can be difficult to get ahold of these users and buyers for discovery interviews for many reasons, but one major reason is: these relationships are protected by sales and customer success. And this is fair! Sales/CS are measured by these relationships and don't want to risk product ruffling feathers.

But here's an insight we've learned firsthand: good sales and good CS overlaps with good product discovery. The conversations sales and customer success have are rich with product insights. In the past, these insights are shared in regular meetings between sales, customer success, and product. But this process is flawed for two reasons:

1. The product feedback is victim to a "game of telephone" where the customer's real feedback can be translated into a biased data point, or worse and

2.The nature of scheduled meetings means valuable insights are not delivered to product in a timely manner.

Our Gong integration solves this.

Now, product teams have an AI co-pilot constantly mining call recordings for product and marketing insights. Teams can continuously track themes among pains, feature requests, bug reports, praises, and more. And not just that, at any point you can search for mentions of specific topics and see exactly who said what, when.

This is great for revenue operations too! Where Gong helps analyze and coach on a call-by-call basis, sales leaders now have an aggregate view of performance. They're able to analyze win/loss themes over time and gain a better understanding of exactly why we're winning or losing deals, which competitors are mentioned the most, and where we have gaps in our positioning.

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