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February 2, 2024

Topic Filters

Topic Filters

Filters are the bread and butter of our platform and we're continuing to expand on them with advanced topic filters.

Now you can filter for or filter out any topic from a view. What does this mean?

  • Narrow down on a specific topic. Released a big feature? Now you can monitor mentions of it across support channels. Interested in tracking a topic over time? Now you can monitor mentions of it across all channels.
  • Remove topics from discovery. Let's say you're tracking feature requests across sales discovery calls or customer success calls. Sometimes requests are already satisfied and the rep just needs to explain a concept to the customer. Now you can filter out topics that are already covered in your roadmap. So if you have a view that's discovering new feature requests, you can make sure they're new.

You might be thinking "This is cool, tracking keywords is helpful."

Alas, you forget, this is CustomerIQ - we're pioneering AI in the enterprise. Our topic search doesn't just filter keywords, it filters for highlights semantically similar to phrases you're filtering for. This means that even if your customers use different words to describe the same thing, you'll pick it up in filters.

How to use topic filters

  1. If you don't already have a CustomerIQ workspace, sign up free here.
  2. Go to any view
  3. Select filters > Topic

To filter by a topic

  • Set the topic filter to "Topic IS [type your topic]"

To filter out a topic

  • Set the topic filter to "Topic IS NOT [type your topic]"

Remember: you can be descriptive in your topic filters, they aren't limited to tracking keywords but rather meaning. Experiment with descriptive topics, stack filters, and arrive at your ideal view.

Learn more about tracking topics in our help center: Tracking topics

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