Updates and improvements to CustomerIQ

October 6, 2023

Apps and Integrations

Apps and Integrations

Zapier integration

You can now import data from over 5,000 applications via Zapier. CustomerIQ will soon be available as a public action to pair with any Zapier trigger. This means as data is generated in your existing apps it's automatically added to a CustomerIQ Folder of your choice.

Review integrations

We've also added integrations to a number of review sites including: App store, Google play, Capterra, G2, Indeed, and more.

Filter by sentiment

We've added sentiment as a View filter so you can easily discover different themes between negative and positive insights. This makes it much easier to identify areas of improvement (negative sentiment) vs popular benefits (positive sentiment). We'll continue to add new ways to filter data in view so stay tuned.

Fixes and improvements

  • Fixed bug in AI summaries
  • Improved clustering behavior and load state
  • Added new onboarding objects
  • Fixed table checkbox behavior and padding
  • Improved load speeds on folder and view index pages

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