Updates and improvements to CustomerIQ

February 9, 2024



We're excited to announce the addition of charts to all Views in all workspaces.

Now you can group, quantify, and visualize data to get unlock instant, actionable insights from your customer feedback. 

Here's what charts can do for you:

  1. Group: Now views can group by view tag, contact, account, and category. This means you can not only explore themes and categorize insights, but organize all insights created by contacts or accounts.
  2. Quantify: Easily toggle between summarizing groups by highlights, submissions, contacts, and accounts. Then decide if you'd like to summarize by Sum or % of View
  3. Visualize: We currently support two chart types, horizontal bar and tree map. Both instantly visualize the value aggregated in view and can be filtered to display all groups or, in the case of large views, the top 10 groups.

How to use charts

  1. If you don't already have a CustomerIQ workspace, sign up free here.
  2. Go to any view
  3. Set a view to "Group by" view tags, contacts, accounts, or category
  4. Toggle views by value, summarize by sum or %
  5. Explore different chart types

Learn more about working with charts in our help docs: Charts

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