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January 31, 2024

Hubspot Integration

Hubspot Integration

Hubspot has become the sales and operations hub for most businesses (including ours). Sales keeps a record of feedback in notes and won/loss reasons, support teams manage service tickets, and everyone tracks deal values across opportunities.

Now you can connect Hubspot to CustomerIQ and leverage the power of AI to make sense of all of this data. This has massive benefits for organizations using both CustomerIQ and Hubspot:

  1. Product teams can prioritize work based on data in notes and tickets. Is there tech debt we need to prioritize resolving? Feature updates blocking sales? Are there common issues we can solve with UX or optimization? What can we do to reduce tickets in certain categories? All of these questions are now answered in real-time.
  2. Sales teams can understand why you win or lose deals. By analyzing win/loss reasons you can have a constant pulse on why you're losing deals, who you're losing to, and what you can improve to increase revenue.
  3. Tie feedback to value. When you integrate Hubspot we also sync opportunity values with associated accounts. This means you can associate themes in your feedback with value, making impact scoring in prioritization incredibly simple.

Immediately after connecting Hubspot you can build views to understand top feature requests, pain points, billing issues, questions, and more hidden in your Hubspot data.

How to connect Hubspot

  1. If you don't already have a CustomerIQ workspace, sign up free here.
  2. Go to apps & integration
  3. Select Hubspot and authorize
  4. Folders will be automatically created for tickets, closed/won reasons, closed/lost reasons, and notes
  5. Go to Folders, you should see your data begin to process
  6. Go to Views, filter by any Hubspot folder and discover or classify categories of highlights.

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