Updates and improvements to CustomerIQ

December 7, 2023

Updated Models and G2 Integration

Updated Models and G2 Integration

Updated insights model

We've updated our insights model to help filter out noise in your data and capture complete highlights instead of fragments. This means you can upload more data without adding junk to your views.

To see this in action, upload any data to a folder and notice the quality of the insights pulled out by the AI.

Updating clustering (discovery) model

We updated our clustering algorithm to be *much* faster and more thorough. On average grouping 1k insights only takes 5-10 seconds.

To see this in action go to any view and click "Discover." Watch as all your insights automatically move into thematic groups.

G2 integration

You can now add pull G2 reviews into any folder automatically with the G2 integration. Just go to Settings > Apps & Integrations > G2 and add a connection.

Connections are added by getting the G2 ID of any page. Learn more here

Fixes and Improvements

  • Fixed bug with Zapier submissions on empty fields
  • Added Zapier embed experience
  • Added G2 integration
  • Groups now default to minimized
  • Added a connect data step to onboarding
  • Upgraded LLM to GPT4 Turbo
  • Add additional help text to upload modal
  • Added select+all behavior to folder submission tables

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