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Write a product requirements document (PRD) with AI in 2 minutes

The product requirement doc (PRD) is the centerpiece of every product initiative. Let's make one in 2 minutes.

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Write a product requirements document (PRD) with AI in 2 minutes

The product requirement doc (PRD) is the centerpiece of every product initiative. It describes what we’re working on, who it's for, the evidence we have to support it, and how we’ll complete the work. It informs every team from engineering to marketing to go-to-market. 

But creating product requirements documents (PRDs) can be a painful process, involving multiple steps from gathering information to drafting and revising content. 

Today we're going to use CustomerIQ to do it in less than 2 minutes.

Let’s get to it!

First, create a free workspace with CustomerIQ

If you haven’t already, sign up for free and create your CustomerIQ workspace here.

Add Your Product Notes to a Folder

Start by consolidating all existing product notes related to this work and adding them to a folder. In our case we've named a folder, "Product requirement notes." We often have meeting where we discuss requirements with stakeholders so this is an easy way to give those notes a home. When we add the notes to the folder, CustomerIQ will clean them up and extract all the key highlights.

Create a New Doc and Ask AI to Write Your PRD

Create a new doc, then click "Ask AI" in the top right corner.

Ask the CustomerIQ Assistant to write your PRD according to any format you'd like. For example, if you want it to include specific sections ask it something like, "Write a PRD for the [feature] and include the following sections: Overview, Specs, Guidance for Design (etc)"

Brainstorm with the AI assistant

Since the CustomerIQ assistant has knowledge of the attached project highlights, we like to brainstorm with it to help spot gaps in our requirement gathering. You can simply ask, "What gaps do we have in our attached highlights that might be necessary to complete a project requirement doc? Anything missing?" - depending on the answer you can leave yourself a couple tasks to chase down that information from stakeholders.

Share PRD with Your Team

Now it's time to share with your team, get their feedback, and incorporate plans from design and engineering.

You can use the PRD as a foundation to create a sales deck or slideware for pitching the product effectively. Simply copy the PRD, paste it to the Assistant, and ask it to "Create a release note to announce this project to our users." Additionally, this content can be repurposed into blog posts to promote the product and educate potential users about new features.

By integrating CustomerIQ into the PRD creation process, businesses can not only enhance the efficiency of their document workflows but also ensure that their product development is closely aligned with customer needs and feedback. This leads to more targeted products, clearer communication within teams, and a better alignment between marketing, sales, and product development efforts.

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