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Pains, Preferences, and Needs

Organize customer feedback by classifying it into pains, preferences, and needs.

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Pains, Preferences, and Needs

One of the most popular ways to organize customer feedback is by classifying into pains, preferences, and needs. Classifying user feedback into pains, preferences, and needs helps you gain insights into the user experience, prioritize improvements, tailor product development, adopt a customer-centric approach, enhance decision-making, and facilitate communication and collaboration across teams.

This template creates a pain, preference, and need analysis based on the following tags:

Pains: These are issues or challenges that users encounter when interacting with your product or service. These difficulties represent the negative experiences that need to be addressed for enhanced user satisfaction. Possible insights might describe: Complex User Interface, Frequent Software Glitches, Lack of Clear Instructions, Inaccessible Features, Inefficient Support Services, Confusing Navigation, Unresolved User Queries, High Learning Curve

Preferences: These are the desirable elements or aspects within your product or service as perceived by your users. These factors typically correlate with high user satisfaction and loyalty. Possible insights might describe: Simple and Intuitive Design, Responsive User Interface, Personalized User Experiences, Quick Load Times, Seamless Integration with Other Platforms, Reliable Customer Support, Consistent Updates and Improvements, User-Friendly Features

Needs: These are the essential requirements, the critical components that users expect or need from your product or service for a successful and satisfying user experience. They shed light on areas where enhancements are indispensable. Possible insights might describe: Enhanced Security Measures, Improved Usability, Frequent Bug Fixes, More Comprehensive Features, Better Compatibility with Various Devices, Improved Accessibility for All Users, Streamlined User Onboarding, Consistent and Stable Performance

How to use this template to create your pain, preference, needs analysis

This template creates the above tags for you to organize your insights. Most templates use our classification view, which can tag all insights for you automatically after you provide one or more examples of an insight that fits into a given tag category. Here’s how to use this template:

  1. Create a new view and choose the pain, preference, needs analysis template
  2. Find at least one example from the uncategorized section and map it to one of the columns created by this template
  3. When each column has one or more examples in it, click “Classify”

And that’s it! CustomerIQ’s AI will go to work sorting your insights. This process typically takes only 20-30 seconds.

Pro tip: Classify, then discover

After classifying into the above tags, if you find that the newly formed groups have a large number of insights, you can find themes within this new group by creating a new view, filtering by this classification tag, and using the AI to discover underlying themes. 

Learn more about the practice: Classify, then discover here.

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