How we use CustomerIQ to power our GTM

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CustomerIQ is finally bringing the clarity you've come to expect from analytics tools to the messy world of customer feedback.

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Automatically capture every important note from every customer interaction.

Feature requests, pain points, preferences, and more are automatically extracted from every recorded call, review, ticket, interview, and note. Now all your feedback has a home.

Scalable organization
Capitalize on all your qualitative data. Organize everything, from text to video, with folders.
CustomerIQ Folders
Powerful highlight extraction
Folders transcribe audio/video, normalize text, and automatically extract highlights with AI.
Learn: How we use LLMs to extract highlights from text
CustomerIQ Snippets
Cutting edge processing
Every insight is converted to text embeddings, powering lightning fast search and synthesis in views.
Learn: What are text embeddings?
CustomerIQ Contextual Embeddings
"It's unbelievable. I don't think I've ever said this about software, but it's... fun to watch."
Joyce Roberts

Discover insights and trends across any customer segment

Views filter and group highlights by 10+ attributes including category, topic, and account tag. Then highlights are clustered by theme using powerful NLP models so you can prioritize work with data.

Quantify feedback
Powerful analytics for customer feedback
CustomerIQ Insights View
Filter by segment
Filter feedback by account, source, topic, and more
Group with AI
AI tags highlights by similarity to track themes
Chat with data
Ask key questions and see data that supports an answer
"We're able to filter feature requests from sales calls that aren't already on our roadmap, so every highlight is a gold nugget."
Jordan Smith
VP Operations

Learn, summarize, and brainstorm with your customer data

The AI assistant can help you summarize and filter highlights in view and apply them to your work. Need a few quotes about a specific topic? Or identify themes related to your current work? Just ask.

AI assistant
Summarize, search, and brainstorm with your customer feedback

Align your whole team with what you're building and why.

Built for real-time collaboration, now every customer-facing team has full context as to what customers want and what you're doing about it.

Flexible, block-based docs
Organize and present what you learn, exactly how you want. Embed views, add images, highlight quotes, and summarize findings with blocks.
Summarize findings
Leverage AI-powered widgets to quickly summarize findings.
CustomerIQ Summary Widgets
Collaborate with every function
Every team can leverage valuable voice-of-the-customer data and collaborate over docs.
CustomerIQ Collaborators
"Feels like Notion + ProductBoard + AI - I really like this concept."
David Garland
Chief Technology Officer

Monitor every customer channel automatically with AI

With native integrations and 1000+ connections via Zapier, CustomerIQ keeps everyone aligned with your customer. Sales, customer success, and product - all in one tool.

Push feedback from Slack

Most teams share feedback in Slack, and we think that's great. But often that's where it goes to die. CustomerIQ will automatically pull clips from Slack and store them in your workspace where they're organized and searchable.


Detect feature requests, discover themes, and tie feedback to value from Hubspot

Your sales and support teams are constantly interacting with customers - taking notes, answering tickets, recording win/loss reasons, and tracking deal values. These are loaded with customer insights and give valuable context to what feedback is "worth." Now you have everything in one place.


Automatically surface pains and feature requests from call recordings in Gong

Sales discovery and customer success calls contain enough customer insights to supercharge your product discovery efforts. Discover (don't just track) feature requests, pain points, preferences and more.


Discover and triage support themes in Zendesk

Support tickets represent opportunities to improve your product, positioning, or documentation. Now you can see the forest through the trees - track themes, monitor issues, and monitor the health of accounts.


Automatically detect and sort important highlights from Intercom

Support chats and sales conversations contain enough customer insights to supercharge your product discovery efforts. Discover (don't just track) feature requests, pain points, preferences and more.


Aggregate feedback from over 1,000+ tools using Zapier

Create new submissions in folders based on triggers from Zapier applications


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